Blogmas Day #8

Hello. This is going to be a short post today. Diary post. I spent twelve hours in the library today. First final tomorrow at 1 PM. Wish me luck! (back to my hobbit hole to study) love y’all ❤

Blogmas Day #6

Hey everyone! I don’t have a specific topic to talk about today. It’s been a pretty lazy Saturday for me. I watched the ANTM finale this morning, studied for my finals, and hung out with some friends. Spent this evening watching Camp Takota on Netflix (so worth it). I only have two finals this semester, … More Blogmas Day #6

Blogmas Day #3!

It has finally arrived. The day everyone college student rejoices over before quickly realizing the next week is going to be Hell. But no need to worry about that… it’s LDOC! If you don’t know, LDOC stands for “last day of class”. Today I finished up the first semester of my sophomore year, and all … More Blogmas Day #3!

Blogmas Day #2

Day 2 of December. I realize this post is late (currently almost 2AM) but honestly I forgot about it until right now. I had a huge project due tonight, so that’s where most of my time was going to. My project was for my Java class. We had to write our own GUI which was … More Blogmas Day #2