You Deserve an Update

I am incredibly sorry for the lack of content.

I really have no excuse. I didn’t really know what to write about. My mind has been blank for creative blog posts for awhile.

Let me update you guys on my life. So, this summer I had the incredible opportunity to work an internship position at Humana, a Fortune 58 company. I was working in Application Development, and learned so much about my field as well as what I would like to do moving forward in my professional career. I then had one short weekend to move and start a co-op position at Eastman Chemical Company in their Application Development department.

If you are unfamiliar with the co-op program, essentially I rotate with school and a full time job, so that I come out of college with a year of work experience at one company. It’s an amazing program and I’m blessed to be given the opportunity.

Within that short weekend, it happened to be tax-free weekend. So, I bit the bullet, and purchased a MacBook Pro for myself. I really want to develop mobile applications, and I wanted to use Xcode and Swift to do so. Swift is a new language, and I’d like to be at the forefront of the new developers. I hope to keep you guys updated on my progress, I have a really great idea for an app that I hope I can do as a one-woman show.

Being on co-op, I am sad seeing all of my friends head back to school, and wish I could join them, but I know this will be good for my future. From my internship, I really loved working on front-end development, especially User Experience. It’s a relatively new field, and I find it so fascinating and interesting.

Hopefully I’ll talk to you guys soon. I miss my blog and I really want to create good content for y’all.

Until next time,



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