Snacks on Snacks on Snacks

If you’re anything like me, you love to snack.

Recently I’ve come across some really good snacks that are delicious AND not terrible for you either! So, I have comprised a list of some of my favorite snacks. Below you will find snacks of the salty AND sweet variety.

Disclaimer: sorry if this list makes you hungry. It’s definitely making me hungry writing it.

#1 // FRUIT

Honestly, fruit is one of my favorite snacks. Currently I’m on a pear obsession. I get a back of the Lil Snappers pears, and they’re so delicious. Perfect for when I want something sweet.


What can I say? I’m a woman. I love chocolate. A square of dark chocolate every day is actually healthy for you! My favorite candy bar is Twix, though. I freaking love Twix. I could eat them every day (oh wait, I do).


If you have never had a veggie straw in your life, I’m sorry for you. They are delicious, crunchy sticks of goodness. They basically replace potato chips, and I mean hey… they have vegetables in them. They have to be good for you, right?

#4 // CHIPS & DIP

I love crunch. I love dips. Put them together and I’m in heaven. Currently I’ve been eating eatsmart Sea Salt Whole Grain Tortilla Chips. They’re made with flax, quinoa, sesame seeds, and chia seeds. They’re so delicious, and a great alternative to regular tortilla chips. With my chips, I eat guacamole and cilantro jalapeno hummus from Whole Foods. I highly recommend both of those dips, they’re amazing.


If you’re not up for veggie straws, don’t really want the trouble of eating chips AND dip, then I recommend these bad boys. I love spicy food, and these have nice subtle spice that doesn’t leave me desperate for water. Can be found at Whole Foods!


I love granola. Either just as something to munch or, or instead of cereal. I usually get the Bear Naked Fruit and Nutty granola from Food Lion.


I’ve recently come across an amazing company for beef jerky. I love jerky, but the commercial jerky has a lot of ingredients that are unnatural and not something I really want to put in my body. Savage Jerky is delicious, and uses natural ingredients in their product. I myself have tried the Mojo Jallerano (labeled as Mojo Jalapeno on their site) flavor and currently am awaiting delivery for my Sriracha Bacon jerky. Be wary of their heat warnings, especially if you don’t like spicy food!

There you go! Some of my favorite snacks at the moment. Please comment below with some of your favorite snacks, I’d love to try them myself!


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