Duke Lemur Center Trip

Yesterday I took a trip to the Duke Lemur Center in Durham, North Carolina. I took this trip with my university’s Scholars program, and it was an absolute blast! Lemurs are absolutely adorable, and I learned a lot that I did not know before.

The Duke Lemur Center has the biggest population of lemurs next to Madagascar, where they are indigenous to. Lemurs are extremely endangered, and the Duke Lemur center is helping to fix that problem. They are working both here in North Carolina, as well as in Madagascar with the locals to save these beautiful creatures. I was very impressed with the facilities. All of the lemurs seemed very happy, and they are very well taken care of. They even have free roaming lemurs that are free to roam the surrounding forest. They do house some creatures similar to lemurs, including a slow loris and an aye-aye. These are nocturnal creatures so I couldn’t get pictures, but they were also adorable!

I’m going to go ahead an apologize for the picture quality in most of the pictures I took. The lemurs were in glass enclosures and the glare was terrible!


This pretty lemur above is named Hailey. She was so playful and adorable!


I thought this picture really captured how long their tales are!


This pose is called the “Buddha pose”. These ring-tail lemurs do this to soak up the sunlight. I thought it was pretty funny and had to snap a picture!


This lemur is black with striking blue eyes. There were two in the enclosure, named Presley and Hemsworth (yes, after Elvis and Chris 🙂 ).


This lemur was absolutely beautiful. The girls in this species have a white collar, and the boys have a black collar I believe.


This cutie was so willing to pose for the camera!

If you’re interested in this facility and want to visit, you can schedule a tour! You can visit their website to learn more about the center by clicking here.


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