Blogmas Day #12 – Thank God

Today I got to come home from school, and I get to be here for a month.

On my drive home, a lady almost hit me. I guess she didn’t check check her blind spot, because she tried to change lanes and *would have* ran right into me. I was, luckily, paying attention and swerved into the lane next to me. Thank God that there was not another car in that lane. Thank God that I was paying attention to the road, not changing the song on the radio, checking Google Maps, or looking somewhere else.

I don’t know how religious you are, but to me this was an act of God. I’m incredibly lucky to not have been in a terrible wreck this afternoon.

I said a quick prayer after this, thanking God for looking out for me as well as praying the other woman starts checking around her so she does not injure herself or others.

Count your blessings, everyone. Have a good night.


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