Blogmas Day #10 – Coffee

To me, nothing says Christmas time like coffee.

I absolutely love coffee. I have a cup every morning, sometimes another during the day.

Currently I’m sitting in one of my favorite coffee houses studying for my last exam that is tomorrow evening. I think I like this coffee house because of the atmosphere it gives, and because the coffee is absolutely delicious. It’s called Global Village, and they use organic coffee. Plus, if you get it to stay, you get to drink it out of a glass mug.

I used to drink my coffee with lots of sugar, sort of hiding the  actual coffee flavor. Recently I have cut back a TON on the amount of sugar I put into my coffee, and now I can drink it without any sugar in it at all, and I actually prefer it.

Another one of my favorite coffee houses is actually in my hometown. It’s called HEbrews, and it’s a local Christian coffee shop. They have pretty good coffee, and the people that work there are really nice. They have couches and comfy chairs to sit in too, which I believe gives it a home-y vibe and makes you more comfortable there.

Lately my favorite coffee to get is a cappuccino. What’s your favorite coffee? Do you prefer lots of sugar and cream, or black? Have any suggestions of a coffee shop (near Raleigh) that I could try, or a certain type of coffee that you’d suggest to me? Please comment below!


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