Blogmas Day #7 – Goals & Dreams

Hello, everybody!

So today I wanted to write about goals and dreams. I think it’s very important to also keep in mind your personal goals, and where you want to be.

First, I would like to say that there is a difference between goals and dreams. Goals are attainable, something you strive toward. While this can be the same with dreams too, I’d say dreams are also something slightly unrealistic, something that would be super awesome, but probably won’t happen because of x, y, and z.

Personally, I have a goal that is slightly unattainable at the moment, but I want to get there someday.

I want to run a marathon.

Now, I’ve never been super fit, or anywhere near a “runner”. I have an injury that inhibits me from running consistently, which is why it’s unattainable for me, at the moment, to be able to start running. About 4 or 5 years ago, I sprained my hip flexor tendon. If I do lots of movement, say running for a long period of time (or everyday for a couple of days) it really hurts to the point where I can’t walk properly.

I want to know, is there a way I can strengthen my hip? I’ve looked at stretches and such, but I’m not convinced that will do the trick. Please, comment with some advice (if you have any), I would really appreciate it!

Also, please comment what a current goal you have is! My current goal is to make it through this week. It’s finals week here at my university. I only have 2 finals, thank God, and only one of them should be difficult. Basically I’m going to spend all day in the library tomorrow.

So, what’s your current goal? What’s a dream you have? Let me know!

EDIT: Also, I’ve updated my blog’s theme to make it a little bit more festive for December. 🙂


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