Blogmas Day #3!

It has finally arrived. The day everyone college student rejoices over before quickly realizing the next week is going to be Hell. But no need to worry about that… it’s LDOC!

If you don’t know, LDOC stands for “last day of class”. Today I finished up the first semester of my sophomore year, and all that stands between me and winter break are 10 hours of tutoring and two finals. I’m very excited to go home and spend about a month with my family and boyfriend. It’s going to be absolutely lovely!

Tonight, the dining halls on campus threw a special holiday dinner. This basically means they actually make good food instead of the normal “food” they serve. Tonight was definitely good as well, they served steak! Now, I’m definitely a foodie, so any chance at good food and you know I’m there. Keeping in mind that this is a dining hall, I didn’t expect the steak to be some 5 star filet, but it was decent. There were also cheddar mashed potatoes, green beans, rolls, and mushroom raviolis. It was much better than I thought it would be! For dessert, I had a raspberry swirl cheesecake, and that was also very tasty.

Next step: relax for the night. I’ve spent 15 hours in the library for the past two nights, so I’m treating myself tonight and watching YouTube videos in my sweats. It’s lovely, and I definitely needed it.

Hope you all are having a great day!


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