Hey guys!

I realize I have been neglecting my blog. :/ But that isn’t my fault! School has been hectic this semester, and I barely have time to even breathe. I thought this semester I would have LOADS of free time, seeing as how I have 4 less credit hours than last semester, but my extracurriculars really took up a lot of time.

The semester is drawing to a close (finals are in two weeks!?) and I wanna do something for the month of December. It’s something called Blogmas. Several YouTubers doing something called Vlogmas, where everyday from the 1st of December to Christmas they upload a vlog. I wanna do that with my blog, and write a blog post for you guys every single day for December 1-25! I think it’ll be fun, and I hope you guys are excited for it.

The content will range to what I did during the day (if it’s exciting), something I’m thinking about, current events, some games I’ve been playing, etc. So be prepared for lots of content in the month of December!


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