Stress & The Future

Stress is something everyone deals with. It’s part of what makes us human.

I’m currently at university, and stress has become a part of my daily routine. It seems at every point in time, whether I’m drinking my morning coffee, catching a bite to eat with friends, or writing this post right now, there is something I need to be doing. If I’m not doing a homework assignment due tomorrow, or studying for a test later this week, I feel as if I am wasting my time. But, don’t I deserve a “break” every once in a while?

How do you deal with stress? For me, stress is best dealt with by writing down what I have to get done in one day. I try to take little breaks so I don’t completely drown in my work. But at what point do “breaks” become procrastination?

This week I have a lot of homework assignments due, I have a test, plus a lot of career events this week. The annual career fair is this Tuesday/Wednesday. I want to land an internship position (I’m also thinking about doing a co-op) with a company in software. If you’re unaware, I am a Computer Science major currently. Plus, tomorrow (Monday) is a special career fair for just Computer Science students, and reps from companies like Google and Facebook are going to be there (which is super cool and yet super stressful). A lot of things that could impact my future are happening this week and it’s a little overwhelming.

I’ve probably mentioned it in a post before, but my dream for the future is to be a video game designer. I absolutely love video games and I would love to be able to take my passion and forward it into design so that more people can share my passion. Little to no game companies come to the career fair, and I don’t even start my concentration until my junior year (currently a sophomore). My long term goal at the moment is to apply for a bunch of game internships for the summer after my junior year, and possible do Ubisoft’s graduate program. We’ll see what happens!

So, I leave you with a question, as I usually do. What is stress to you? What’s making you stressed this week? How do you deal with stress?


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