Hi all! So currently I’m on “vacation”. I put the term in quotes because, while I am off a week from my internship, I’m going to another job. This week I’ll be a counselor at a camp at my college. It’s for incoming freshman women engineers, as a sort of get-to-know the other girls and the opportunities here on campus. I did the camp last year, and I loved it so much I decided to be a counselor this year!

So for the week I’ll be technically on vacation, but I’m still working. Luckily that means by taking a break from work, I won’t be losing any money! Kind of like the best of both worlds, right?

If you haven’t read my about me page, I’ll let you know a little bit about what I’m studying at school right now. I’m a Computer Science major, planning to do a concentration in Game Design. I’ll be a rising sophomore this year, and I’m just getting started in my programming classes, as well as the other required classes for my degree. I’ll start the Game Design classes my junior year, so I am anxiously awaiting that! It’s my dream job to design video games. In the future, most likely very far future, I want to work for a big company. At the top of my list would be Bethesda. I love everything about their games, and I can’t even imagine being able to work on one myself.

That’s all for now! Perhaps I’ll write an update at the end of camp, as I’m going to be pretty busy this week and the dorm room I’m in doesn’t exactly have Internet access (I’m currently writing this in my favorite coffee shop across from school).

Have a great week! 


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