Hi, blog.

I get a lot of headaches. And not just any headache: specifically migraines. I get probably a migraine every month, and it really sucks. I feel as if my whole day is ruined. I can usually catch the start of one, down some ibuprofen, and continue with my day as any other day. But other times, I’m not so lucky. That day was yesterday.

I have a summer internship, and I could feel one coming on as I sat at my desk yesterday. I didn’t have any ibuprofen with me, and so I dreaded the rest of the day. I could feel my mood turn sour. I wasn’t able to take anything until about 9 PM yesterday, which is about when the migraine got at it’s worst. I went to bed before 10, and woke up this morning without any pain.

I had a question for you, reader. Do you know what causes headaches, migraines? What can I do to stop this regular occurrence?



2 thoughts on “Headaches

  1. I realize that you wrote this a while back, but I’ve heard that caffeine can help calm migraines. Also, I was getting a bunch of headaches until I got my glasses. Maybe that has something to do with your headaches? If they’re really getting bad, consider seeing a neurologist. There are medicinal options for treating migraines. Good luck, and I hope that you’re feeling better nowadays!

    1. Hi ekpreston! Thanks for your comment!
      I do take Excedrin if I get a migraine, which has caffeine in it. It’s a miracle worker. I have considered seeing a doctor about them, and I probably should. They seem to be a little less frequent now, which is good, but still annoying when it happens.

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